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No Cost Cremation in Miami Florida



     Florida Cremation Services is pleased to be able to offer Southern Florida families the option for No Cost Cremation along with our various other services. We know that end of life decisions require a lot of thought and planning. With our No Cost Cremation service, families can still have a dignified cremation for their loved one while contributing to the advancement of medical research and education with absolutely no cost to the family.

      Our No Cost Cremations are available through our partnership with Science Care. Science Care is America’s first accredited whole body donation organization that uses donations to further medical and scientific research in order to make future lives better. Science Care contributes to medical breakthroughs in areas such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes. By donating to Science Care, you are allowing for a healthier tomorrow and could potentially save lives.

If you choose to go forward with the No Cost Cremation service, this program includes:

Transportation from the place of passing

Filing of the death certificate by Florida Cremation Services

Return of the cremated remains between 3-5 weeks later

     On the year anniversary of donation to Science Care, the family will also receive a certificate stating that a tree has been planted in honor of their family member or friend who contributed to Science Care.

     We understand that the passing of a loved one is a hard time for the family and friends that are left behind. At Florida Cremation Services, we strive to do everything in our power to make this time less stressful. We are committed to maintaining the dignity of those who use our services, including our No Cost Cremation program.

For more information about No Cost Cremations, contact a Florida Cremation Services associate at (855) 273-6224 or email us at info@floridacremationservicesllc.com.

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